“DSS only interested in points scoring”

Dragan Marković says that by changing their position towards the Hague, the DSS-NS were trying to gain political points.

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"It is not pleasant to see Karadžić being extradited to the Hague, but it was also unpleasant when General Lazarević was extradited," Marković, leader of the United Serbia (JS) said.

"Vojislav Koštunica’s government extradited 18 Serbs to that court,” said Marković after a meeting with the Indian Ambassador to Belgrade Ajay Swarup.

The Jagodina mayor pointed out that the Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS)-New Serbia (NS) coalition, while in power, had regarded Hague cooperation as Serbia’s “international obligation”, while now they were opposing it.

He added that while president of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SRJ), DSS leader Vojislav Koštunica had “given amnesty to thousands of ethnic Albanians who were in Serbian prisons, and who were being tried before Serbian courts at the time.”

"[New Serbia leader] Velimir Ilić was, once upon a time, one of those who led the sacking of the parliament and the RTS headquarters, and also supported the extradition of all Serbs wanted by the Hague Tribunal,” Marković pointed out.

The JS leader said that Serbia respected international law and that it had fulfilled its obligations to the Hague Tribunal, but that now it expected the same from other countries when it came to Kosovo.


Dačić: No one allowed to assault police

Interior Minister Ivica Dačić says that protestors who attacked the police were responsible for Tuesday night’s violence.

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