UNMIK to be reconfigured by October

UNMIK spokesman Alexander Ivanko says that UNMIK reconfiguration is due to be complete by the second half of October.

Source: FoNet, Beta

“The 120-day period is not set in stone, it is more of a concept than a deadline, so I cannot give you an exact date. The expected final date for UNMIK to reconfigure is in the second half of October,” Ivanko said.

He could not say precisely how many people would be leaving UNMIK after the reconfiguration, but said that it would nonetheless be a significant number.

Ivanko said the scaling-down of UNMIK would be overseen by a working group headed by Brian Hopkins.

According to Radio KiM, Ivanko added that UNMIK Chief Lamberto Zannier planned on visiting Belgrade next week to meet with Serbian government officials.

Ivanko said that UNMIK was not planning to cooperate with parallel Serb structures in Kosovo.

Earlier today, Priština media reported that the U.S. opposed the appointment of Richard Wilcox as UNMIK deputy chief, of which it had duly informed UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

According to the same source, the UK and France also oppose the proposal.

Wilcox, who is currently head of the UN office in Belgrade, was touted as the most likely candidate for UNMIK deputy. However, he cannot be elected to that post without the support of his home country, the U.S., which has delegated deputy chiefs to the UN mission in the past.

The U.S. has informed Ban that it does not support Wilcox’s appointment.

Washington opposes the move, say Priština media, because of confidential talks he held with Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremić and Kosovo Minister Slobodan Samardžić on the orders of the UN secretary-general for peacekeeping operations.


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