RIK still waiting for final SPS list

The Electoral Commission (RIK) has received final lists of MPs for the new parliament from all the parties, with the exception of the SPS-PUPS-JS.

Source: B92, Beta

According to RIK official Marko Danilović, the coalition gathered round the Socialist Party (SPS) has said that it will submit its list on Monday.

He said that according to regulations on submission of MP lists, the deadline expired at midnight, but that there was an additional deadline of five further days.

The “For a European Serbia” list will have 102 seats in the new parliament, the Serb Radical Party 78, the Democratic Party of Serbia-New Serbia 30, the Socialists 20, and the Liberal Democrats 13.

Ištvan Pastor’s Hungarian coalition will have four seats, Sulejman Ugljanin’s Bosniak List for a European Sandžak two, and the Preševo Valley Albanian coalition one.


Feith: Serbia has no right to veto

International High Representative to Kosovo Pieter Feith says Belgrade will have no right to veto anything that happens in Kosovo.

Politics Saturday, May 31, 2008 14:17 Comments: 37

"EU accession—domestic policy issue"

The EC delegation head in Belgrade says the issue of EU accession is more a domestic, rather than foreign, policy issue in Western Balkan states.

Politics Saturday, May 31, 2008 09:54 Comments: 2
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