Feith: Serbia has no right to veto

International High Representative to Kosovo Pieter Feith says Belgrade will have no right to veto anything that happens in Kosovo.

Source: Beta

Feith said that after June 15, the only international presence envisaged by the Kosovo constitution would be the International Civil Office.

He told Priština daily Zeri that the constitution came into force on June 15, “which means that the Kosovo government will receive further powers.”

“This way, the constitutional framework established by the UNMIK presence ceases to be valid. The constitution envisages a different international presence, which is the International Civil Office,” said the EU envoy.

He said that he was “satisfied with Kosovo’s declaration of independence, as that was a positive result towards preserving stability in the region.”

“We saw no alternative to Kosovo independence. Nor do we see this as a process that can be diverted, brought back. It’s an irreversible process, and that’s how it will stay,” said Feith.

Commenting on UNMIK Chief Joachim Ruecker’s statement that EULEX could come under UN auspices, the high representative said that this was one of the possibilities, but that no decision had been taken on it.

He said that he expected many countries to recognize Kosovo after June 15.

Feith added that he supported the request of Ramush Haradinaj, the president of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo, that elections should be held within nine months of the new constitution coming into force, as envisaged by the Ahtisaari Plan.


"EU accession—domestic policy issue"

The EC delegation head in Belgrade says the issue of EU accession is more a domestic, rather than foreign, policy issue in Western Balkan states.

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