SRS: Talks to intensify next week

Senior SRS official Dragan Todorović says that coalition talks with the Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) and SPS-PUPS-JS will intensify during the course of next week.

Source: Beta, Tanjug

“There’s nothing planned for the weekend. We can expect talks to intensify somewhat in the middle of next week,” said Todorović.

He said that he expected “certain matters to be more or less cleared up“ next week, and that, as a result, talks would be more concrete.

“Although the principles have been agreed on by and large, it’s completely legitimate that every member of the coalition should try and improve his position or draw the maximum from his participation in the future government, above all, for his own party, as well as for certain ideas and aims that they espouse,“ explained the Serb Radical Party official.

He said that over the course of the next week, all those taking part in the talks and the media would be informed of the Associated Pensioners’ Party’s (PUPS) demand for increased pensions.

“PUPS aren’t the only ones to support this, the SRS does too, obviously in accordance with what’s possible and the state’s economic capabilities,“ stressed Todorović.


"EU accession—domestic policy issue"

The EC delegation head in Belgrade says the issue of EU accession is more a domestic, rather than foreign, policy issue in Western Balkan states.

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