SPS, Socialist International renew ties

A Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) delegation has met with Socialist International President Georgios Papandreou to discuss cooperation with the group.

Source: B92, Tanjug

They also talked about the current political situation in Serbia.

Papandreou said earlier this month that if the SPS supported a pro-EU government it might have a chance of being accepted into the Socialist International, an organization that brings together 160 left-of-center parties from around the world. Papandreou is leader of the Greek opposition party PASOK.

Dačić told Tanjug that talks had centered around relations between the SPS and the Socialist International, and that the meeting had effectively marked a restoration of relations after an interval of many years.

“After more than 10 years, these are the first talks at the highest level between PASOK and the SPS, and also, since the signing of the Dayton Accords, these are the first serious discussions with the Socialist International leadership over achieving what has always been the SPS’s goal, which is being a member of an ideologically similar organization, and in the company of ideologically like-minded parties,” said Dačić.

He said that the SPS delegation had been very happy with the willingness expressed to restore ties with the Socialist International.

“We also exchanged views on political situation in Serbia, of course, bearing in mind the considerable role the SPS coalition has on Serbia’s political scene,” Dačić said.

“Resolution of the political scene does not depend on anyone outside Serbia, but exclusively on the political actors in the country,” said the SPS leader. He was accompanied to the talks by fellow SPS officials Žarko Obradović and Milutin Mrkonjić.


SRS: Talks to intensify next week

Senior SRS official Dragan Todorović says that coalition talks with the Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) and SPS-PUPS-JS will intensify during the course of next week.

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