Koštunica sends "reply to neutral Solana"

Vojislav Koštunica rejected the claim by EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana that the SAA is "status neutral" when it comes to Kosovo.

Source: Tanjug

The prime minister and Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) leader today also said it is "not proper for Solana to speculate on who loves Serbia better".

“From Javier Solana's statement, one could conclude that he is on Serbia's side and that he is advocating that Kosovo remains within Serbia, and that I am against this. And Solana's main argument is that the Stabilization and Association Agreement is status neutral in relation to Kosovo,” Koštunica said in a statement.

“If what Solana is saying is true, then what was he doing as an EU official in Priština when he congratulated the people for whom Serbia issued warrants on their new state? Is the EU's decision to send the EULEX in order to implement the Ahtisaari plan a violation of the Stabilization and Association Agreement, and does this make the agreement status neutral?"

"Does the Kosovo's recognition by 18 EU member states represent a violation of the SAA and has the SAA remained status neutral after this unlawful act? Will the countries that have recognized Kosovo annul their decision on Kosovo recognition and return it back to neutral status when they ratify the SAA in their parliaments, or will they ratify an agreement which applies for a divided Serbia without Kosovo?,” Koštunica said.

He also pointed out that “one knows what the answer to these questions is, unless he is fraudulent.”

“If Solana does not know, every citizen of Serbia does. Just like each Serb knows that Solana's decision to bomb Serbia was not neutral, but rather completely insane. Just like every Serb knows that the decision to build Bondsteel is not status neutral, but rather represents the setting up of the capital city of the first NATO state which Solana began creating by bombing Serbia,” Koštunica is convinced.

According to him, “we also know very well that the Ahtisaari plan which the EULEX mission is applying is not status neutral, but rather indicates that NATO is the ultimate body of authority in Kosovo.”

“Solana should bear in mind that his legacy, ruins across Serbia, are still visible, and, if for no other reason, this makes it improper for him to compare himself with me, and speculate on who loves Serbia more," Koštunica concluded.


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