UN continues March 17 investigation

A UN investigative team will this week continue its inquiry into the March 17 riots in northern Kosovska Mitrovica, UNMIK spokesman Alexandar Ivanko said today.

Source: Beta

“They will be in Kosovo during this week and possibly also next week, and after that they will prepare a report for the UN secretary-general,” Ivanko told a press conference in Priština.

According to the spokesman, the investigation is not being carried out by UNMIK, but by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, so UNMIK cannot make the details public.

“We are waiting for the investigation to be completed. The investigation only started on Monday and it is too early to talk about preliminary results. Once the report is complete, there will certainly be information for the media, but in New York, not Priština,” he stressed.

Nor did the UNMIK spokesman make it clear whether the investigative team had spoken to UMNIK Chief Joachim Ruecker or Deputy Chief Larry Rossin.

Riots broke out in the Serbian part of Kosovska Mitrovica on May 17 after the arrest of Serb justice workers. During the clashes, one Ukrainian police officer was killed and around 200 police officers and demonstrators were hurt.

Ivanko also said that consultations with EU representatives about the EULEX mission in Kosovo were continuing. He added that concrete information about this should not be expected before the end of May.


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