“DS experts at dirty signatures”

DSS spokesman Andreja Mladenović says that voters on May 11 will gave their answer to Deputy Prime Minister Božidar Đelić’s signature on the EU agreement.

Source: B92, Tanjug

In a statement given to Tanjug, Mladenović stressed that voters at the parliamentary elections would show that the “Serbian people are united,” and that the people who signed that agreement were “something else entirely.”

The DSS spokesman called Đelić the biggest expert at “dirty signatures.”

“The Democratic Party’s (DS) biggest expert at dirty signatures is Božidar Đelić. Đelić put his signature on the illegitimate deal to return Bogoljub Karić EUR 40mn. After this dirty signature, Đelić no longer slept on his aunt’s couch, but moved to Dedinje,” he said.

He said that “Đelić’s other dirty signature was on Solana’s agreement for Kosovo independence.”

“For that other dirty signature, unprecedented in Serbia, the main responsibility lies at the door of [President] Boris Tadić, who gave Judas’s seal to this betrayal,” Mladenović stated.

The DSS spokesman said that “[EU High Representative Javier] Solana, [Slovenian Foreign Minister Dimitrij] Rupel and [EU Enlargement Commissioner Olli] Rehn started rejoicing too early. The Serbian people observed this signing with the utmost contempt, the aim of which is for Serbia to recognize Kosovo’s independence”

“At the elections, the people will answer Solana, Rehn and Rupel, and that answer will be so clear that they will understand that the Serbian people are united, and that [League of Vojvodina Social Democrat leader Nenad] Čanak, Tadić and [Defense Minister Dragan] Šutanovac are something else entirely,” Mladenović concluded.

New Serbia leader Velimir Ilić said that the Stabilization and Association Agreement with the EU was worthless and “ridiculous” and would not be valid. “The agreement will come into effect when Ratko Mladić and Radovan Karadžić are arrested, and that will never happen,” Ilić said in Čačak, adding that by signing the SAA, the president and deputy prime minister had “disgraced the country.”

“We will annul that agreement and demand specific measures against those who signed it,” the New Serbia (NS) leader warned. Ilić called Boris Tadić “the biggest traitor to have led Serbia.”


Poll: 66 percent support SAA signing

A large majority (66 percent) of Serbian citizens support the signing of the Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA) with the EU, a new poll suggests.

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DS: EU is not Koštunica’s goal

DS official Dragan Šutanovac says that Prime Minister and DSS leader Vojislav Koštunica’s goal is not EU integration.

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