Valley Albanians welcome "historic moment"

Representatives of Albanian parties from the south of Serbia have welcomed the signing of the SAA with the EU.

Source: Beta

President of the Party of Democratic Action (PDD) Riza Halimi told the Beta agency that this was a historic moment that Serbian citizens had “eagerly anticipated.”

“Yesterday we could finally welcome the fact that Serbia had been mentioned in a positive context on the international political scene,” Halimi said.

According to him, the SAA signing meant a big step forward in Serbia’s efforts to join powerful European institutions, and the start of a new political course in Serbia.

“There are no Albanians that weren’t rejoicing while watching yesterday’s television coverage,” said Nedžmedih Caćipi, former mufti of the Islamic Community of Serbia, who formed the National Democratic Party (NDP) two years ago.

Caćipi added that by signing the agreement Serbia had, in spite of numerous problems, decided to build its future with the assistance of a “powerful Europe.”

Skender Destani, leader of the Democratic Union of the Preševo Valley (DUD), said that yesterday “neither Serbs nor Albanians could have heard better news.”

“I am really happy that this new political option will now pull Serbia towards Europe, where there is more freedom, new jobs and a better life,” Destani told Beta.

The news from Luxembourg was also welcomed by Mayor of Preševo and leader of the Democratic Party of Albanians (DPA) Ragmi Mustafa, who claimed that it should have happened ten years ago.

“Because of its overall potential, Serbia deserved to be there considerably earlier than other former Yugoslav republics, but, there you go, somebody wanted it to be like that,” Mustafa reflected.


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