Bush: Kosovo real state one day

U.S. President George Bush spoke about Kosovo in an interview for a German weekly.

Source: Tanjug

Bush told the Berlin-based Der Welt in an interview published Monday that he is "confident independent Kosovo will be able to stand on its own feet one day" and become a "real state," but underscored that it will "need world support" for this.

"To me, it is very important to support every nation to overcome a difficult situation and become a democracy. That is why I am cautious when speaking about time," said Bush in his response to a question on whether he "really believes that Kosovo will be a real state capable of standing on its own feet in 10 or 20 years time".

"That, however, will not be quite easy," President Bush said, comparing Kosovo with Iraq and Afghanistan.

"t is hard in Iraq, and it is hard in Afghanistan, and it will also be a difficult process in Kosovo," said Bush.

In a separate interview for a Ukrainian paper, the U.S. president said he hopes that Ukraine will recognize Kosovo's unilateral independence.

"We truly hope that Ukraine will recognize Kosovo's independence, which we have already done," Bush told Glavred Magazine at the start of his European tour.

He added that Kiev "should decide on the decisions it needs to make".

Bush also said that the "independence in question is supervised independence", and added that Washington had "strongly supported the idea of Kosovo independence from the very beginning".

"We also backed such a UN plan that would help achieve that kind of controlled independence and which at the same time would guarantee the minority rights in Kosovo," he continued.

Ukraine's officials said, following the unilateral declaration, that Kiev was consulting with strategic partners – the U.S., the European Union and Russia – on the stance it would take regarding Kosovo.


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