Serb justice staff continue protest in north

Serb justice employees in Kosovo have asked UNMIK and the temporary institutions to be allowed to return to work.

Source: Beta

“We don’t want animosity, but our patience is running out. We don’t want these violent methods, but if we’re forced to, we have to defend ourselves,” said workers in front of the court gates in Kosovska Mitrovica, where they have been protesting for nine days.

As KFOR troops gather in ever greater numbers in front of the gates, armed with vehicles and riot gear, so too do the number of protestors from northern Kosovo.

They are there to lend their support to the judges, prosecutors and all the staff employed in judicial institutions who were dismissed in August 1999.

In cars carrying Serbian flags and banners, taxi drivers give their support too.

Passing through Kosovska Mitrovica, Religion Minister Radomir Naumov gave his backing to the demonstrators, stressing that Serbia would never recognize an independent Kosovo and that her policy on the province was united.

Leposavić District Court President Bojana Trboljevac gave support to her colleagues, as did Milutin Milosavljević and Slavica Janjićević on behalf of Kosovska Mitrovica's judges.

A new demonstration has been scheduled for Monday at 07:30 CET.


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