No agreement between KPS, Serb police

No agreement was reached yesterday between KPS officials and Serb police officers.

Source: B92

According to Kosovo Police Service (KPS) headquarters, new measures will be defined after a meeting with Serb police officers who do not recognize the KPS chain of command.

KPS spokesman Veton Elshani said that Serb police officers wanted to take orders from the UNMIK police, not the KPS.

He added that most of them had not been to work for two days.

Elshani confirmed that 129 Serb KPS officers wanted to be under the direct command of UNMIK, as they were opposed to the EU’s Kosovo mission and its disregard for United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244.

Stojan Denić, a KPS captain from near Gnjilani, told KIM Radio that he and his colleagues were united and that they would not be reporting to work until their demands were met.

“We demand UNMIK accord us the same work conditions in the KPS as we had when we were first employed, otherwise we will form police sub-stations in Serb communities, where we will work independently,” Denić said.

Elshani did not reply as to how the KPS planned to respond to the Serb officers’ ultimatum.


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