Serbian parties react to EU mission move

The DS parliamentary whip says any change of the international mission in Kosovo is "impossible" without a UN decision.

Source: Beta, Tanjug

Nada Kolundžija reacted today to news that the European Union has decided to deploy its EULEX mission to the province replacing UNMIK, by saying that short of a UN Security Council approval, "this decision is not based on international law".

Her party, led by President Boris Tadić, is the senior partner Serbia's ruling coalition, that also includes Prime Minister Vojislav Koštunica's Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS), New Serbia, and G17 Plus.

"It remains to be seen in what way Serbia can react, but it is dangerous for us to deteriorate our relations with the EU, since that would diminish our chances of fighting for our interests," she told journalists Saturday.

Kolundžija confirmed that the parliament session dedicated to the events in Kosovo will likely be called for Monday, since the interim institutions in the province are expected to unilaterally declare independence tomorrow.

Minister for Kosovo Slobodan Samardžić, DSS, also reacted today to say that the EU's "urgent procedure and an atmosphere of secrecy" in sending its mission to Kosovo, is yet another shameful decision undertaken by the Union, which demonstrates it accepts the policy of secession and independence of a province which is an inalienable part of Serbia.

Samardžić added that therefore, "the EU accepts secession as a policy to be used in solving the issues of ethnic minorities".

"It is an international organization with no backbone, prone to breaking international law, and its own legislation, and to serving to America's foreign policy interests," he added.

"For all these reasons, Serbia must in the very near future reexamine its relations with the EU and with its member states that could move to recognize the independence of Kosovo and Metohija," the minister concluded.

The largest opposition party, the Serb Radicals (SRS), have strongly condemned the decision to approve an EU mission to Kosovo today, and called on all political parties in the country to "rally together and denounce the occupation of Kosovo."

"Such a decision by all 27 EU member states shows that the stealing of a part of the Serbian territory was planned for a long time, and any false European carrot for our people would be nothing but a smoke screen to recognize an Albanian state in the Serbian territory," the party said in a statement released Saturday.

The Radicals blame the president and the government for the difficult state Serbia finds itself in today, and its catastrophic diplomatic position.

"Today the masks have been removed, and it is crystal clear that the Serbian rulers have been fooling the Serbian citizens for their own personal and party gains, while the interests of the state have been and remain the last of their concerns," the statement read.

The Radicals once again called on all parties to leave partisan politics aside and dedicate themselves to preserving Kosovo as a part of Serbia.


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