“Solution is in federalization of Serbia”

A former communist party official says Serbia should be made a federal state.

Source: Beta

“We will demand that Vojvodina attain a status equal to the other entity, Serbia, or maybe the third entity, should Kosovo remain within Serbia’s borders," Živan Berisavljević said.

"The only solution is the federalization of the state,” said Berisavljević, who leads the League of Vojvodina Social Democrats, a party with no seats in the Parliament.

He added that Serbia’s historic right to sovereignty had to be acknowledged, along with the recognition of Vojvodina’s political subjectivity.

In his opinion, the political elite in Belgrade might deny autonomy to Vojvodina if Kosovo was lost.

“The internationalization of the Vojvodina issue should not be ruled out if Belgrade turned a deaf ear to demands coming from Novi Sad,” Berisavljević told daily Dnevnik.


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