"Serbia does not want unification with RS" - Vucic's cabinet

Serbia does not want to unify with the Serb Republic (RS), the Belgrade-based daily Danas says was told by President Aleksandar Vucic's cabinet.

Source: Danas, N1
(screen capture)
(screen capture)

Vucic's cabinet said this when asked about RS President Milorad Dodik's map, drawn during his interview for DW, which showed his vision of the map of the Western Balkans.

In it, the Serb entity in Bosnia-Herzegovina joins Serbia, together with the north of a partitioned Kosovo.

The daily further quoted sources from Vucic's cabinet as saying that "Serbia is the only obstacle to the secession of the RS" and that "Dodik himself said so in the mentioned interview."

Dodik also stated during the interview that an independence referendum was currently not an institutional topic.


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