Conclusions from the session of the National Security Council: Four derecognitions

Foreign Affairs Minister Nikola Selaković spoke after the session of the National Security Council: Four countries derecognized Kosovo's independence.

Source: B92

He stated that the U.S. government, in its statement regarding the request of the so-called Kosovo's membership in the Council of Europe, has made it clear that it still considers the Washington Agreement important.

"Serbia is in a very difficult situation. Our state and state leadership are exposed to terrible pressures to accept the voluntary violation of the territorial integrity of our state," he said.

"By submitting this formal request for admission to the Council of Europe, Pristina has shown that it does not respect the agreement reached, as well as the position of the host country, which it participated in. In this way, Pristina has clearly shown no intention of reaching any kind of solution through dialogue, it has already decided on a unilateral approach, as was the case before," Selaković said.

"We have received information that at least two large countries are working on logistical support to Pristina for obtaining new recognitions, but also in the campaign for withdrawing the recognitions," he said.

He added that 4 countries withdrew their recognition of Kosovo's independence with diplomatic notes.

"As Minister of Foreign Affairs, I handed over to President Vučić the diplomatic notes of four countries that withdrew the recognition of the so-called Kosovo, and the National Security Council authorized President Vučić to inform the general public which countries are in question as soon as he deems it necessary", said Selakovic.

He also said that with such a gesture, Serbia wants to give a chance to the member states of the Council of Europe not to initiate the procedure of receiving Kosovo in the Council of Europe in June. "Thus, we once again show our readiness to talk and our readiness to reach a solution through dialogue, and in no way to do it unilaterally," Selaković pointed out.

He also explained that this means that we will continue to fight fiercely, as well as that we will continue to work on the so-called derecognition, i.e. withdrawal of recognition of the unilaterally declared independence of the so-called Kosovo, and that in that fight we will be guided by our own state and national interests.


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