"Government to back development projects" in central town

The government supports all projects implemented by the local government in Cuprija and will help with their faster implementation.

Source: B92, srbija.gov.rs

Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said this on Wednesday as she spoke with the leadership of the municipality and businesspeople from that region, the government announced.

Brnabic "stressed that all potentials should be used to attract the attention of investors who want to invest in the development of the economy, but also other related activities" and "praised the work of the local government so far, because, as she pointed out, they recognized development priorities of their communities and are properly using the existing capacities."

Cuprija still has very high potential for investment and development of small and medium enterprises, so that by the arrival of new investors we will reduce the number of unemployed people not only in that place, but in Paracin and Jagodina as well, she said.

Brnabic visited the High Medical School of Professional Studies in Cuprija and said that the government has invested a lot in the health sector, as well as in strengthening domestic enterprises, stating that the priorities are the construction of a knowledge-based society and the improvement of the health system of Serbia.

Speaking on April 4, marked as Student Day, she called on students to stay in the country after completing their education, and said the government would "do its best to create better conditions for them to stay and work for their people."

During the visit to Cuprija, the Prime Minister also visited the factory Standard Furniture Serbia and said that foreign investments are important, but also that it is important to support the local economy, primarily small and medium enterprises.

This factory has been in the chain of manufacturers for IKEA for years, and employs 280 workers.

Brnabic said that we wanted to show with such examples that we have the potential and that the Serbian government will be there for them to give them support.


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