GIS candidates win in six municipalities

According to preliminary results of the Kosovo Election Commission, of the seven municipalities with Serb majority the Civil Initiative Srpska (GIS) won in six.

Source: B92, Beta, RTS, Tanjug

The second round of local elections was held in Kosovo on Sunday.

Krstimir Pantić (GIS) has announced victory in the race for the mayor of Kosovska Mitrovica. The preliminary results show that he received 55.20 percent of the votes, while Oliver Ivanović won 44.80 percent, according to a Beta news agency report.

GIS candidates also won in Klokot, Parteš, and Ranilug. Bojan Stojanović, from the Alliance of Kosovo Serbs, who until now served as mayor of the enclave of Gračanica, has been defeated by Branimir Stojanović (GIS).

In Štrpce, the candidate from the Serb Liberal Party (SLS) won.

In Novo Brdo, Bajrush Imeri of the Democratic League of Kosovo is now the former mayor after he was defeated by Svetislava Ivanović (GIS).

"In the ten municipalities with majority Serb population in Kosovo and Metohija, the GIS won in five out of six municipalities south of the Ibar River, all except Štrpce," said GIS president Vladeta Kostić.

Speaking about the defeat of their candidate in Štrpce, he said that there were "a large number of problems there during the day, with a very difficult atmosphere for voting."

Kostić urged residents Parteš and Pasjan "to refrain from violence" because leaders the GIS had information that there were "plenty of incidents" in Pasjan, and also urged "the losing side not to break the ballot boxes."

The elections were held "fairly and correctly, with minor incidents that did not ruin their holding, and the candidate whose victory was expected won (in Kosovska Mitrovica), as he had a lead in the first round," political analyst Dejan Vuk Stanković told B92.

Agreements on ways of constituting municipalities will now follow, and after that the further formation of the community of Serb municipalities, the writing of the statute, and it is presumed there will be contacts of representatives of Serbs and Albanians with Brussels, he said.

The results for the town of Zvečan in the north are not known yet.

According to preliminary results of the elections commission, 41.5 percent of voters turned out at the polls on Sunday.

There were several incidents in Gračanica during the day, including when the car of Fatmir Sheholi, Tanjug's correspondent and political analyst, was set on fire.


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