Montenegrins offered citizenship

Montenegrin citizens residing in Serbia will be able to receive Serbian citizenship as well.

Source: B92

According to State Administration and Local Self-Administration Minister Zoran Lončar, the Serbian Government has passed a declaration for accepting Montenegrin citizens with residences in Serbia as Serbian citizens.

The declaration states that Serbia, as the legal successor of the federal union of Serbia-Montenegro, is obligated to respect the laws that were passed for all citizens of Serbia and Montenegro living in Serbia while the union was still active.

“On the basis of this declaration, the Internal Affairs Minister will we able to, as the presiding body, make a decision in accordance with already existing laws regarding citizenship, and give all Montenegrin citizens with residences on the territory of Serbia during the existence of Serbia-Montenegro, as it was announced, in complete compliance with the declaration, if they wish to, Serbian citizenship as well.” Lončar said.


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