“Transmitter removal won't work”

Ministry for Kosovo State Secretary Oliver Ivanović says he doubts that Priština's intention to dismantle Serbian mobile transmitters will succeed.

Source: B92, Tanjug

Ivanović said he would “monitor the announcements” from the Kosovo Albanian authorities that in the next 30 days transmitters would be removed from Gračanica, Štrpce, Leposavić. Prizren and Peć.

Last month, tens of thousands of Serbs in the enclaves south of the Ibar River were left without mobile and landline service when transmitters were destroyed or removed, but Telekom Srbija managed to restore their signal.

Ivanović also said that he would “after that period” seek to find a temporary solution for the problem via the international community.

KFOR commander on transmitters

NATO-led peacekeeping formce (KFOR) Commander Markus Bentler has criticized the Kosovo Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (RAT) for using force to remove the equipment belonging to Serbian mobile operators.

Every action has a reaction, Bentler told reporters, explaining that the attacks on the antennas of Kosovo carriers in the north were caused by RAT when it acted against Serbian operators.

“It is not right to carry out disconnections at 5 a.m.,” Bentler said, according to reports, adding that RAT should have had more sense and avoided causing violence.

Bentler noted that he understood “Serbs' frustrations”, because no one had the right to cut off communications in that manner.