Radicals triumph in Kosovo

The Serb Radical Party (SRS) won the most votes in Kosovo, followed by the Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS)-New Serbia (NS).

Source: B92

Kosovo officials have welcomed the pro-European forces’ triumph at the elections.

Associated Press reports from Kosovo that the Albanians have welcomed the overall victory of pro-European forces in Serbia. The Serbs, on the other hand, expect a coalition of nationally oriented forces.

Kosovo Albanian officials in Priština have hailed the Democratic Party's victory.

“We will respect the electoral will of the Serbian citizens. Pro-Western oriented governments and forces that are acceptable to the EU are acceptable to everyone, not just in Serbia, but the whole region,” said Kosovo Deputy Prime Minister Hajredin Kuqi.

However, the Kosovo Serbs expect a coalition of the DSS and SRS.

“I expect the Radicals and Socialists to enter a coalition. Only that kind of a government can be formed. We hope that the Radicals will come to power and form a government, which appears to be the only hope for the Serbs in Kosovo. I’m completely shocked by the results of these elections,” said Marko Jakšić, one of the leaders of the Kosovo Serbs.

UNMIK Chief Joachim Ruecker said that the vote for local authorities in Kosovo had no legal grounds, and warned that UNMIK would not recognize the results.

According to a UNMIK statement, the Serbian authorities had held the local elections “conscious that in so doing they were defying UNMIK, which, according to Resolution 1244, is the only institution authorized to hold elections in Kosovo.”