Feith announces privatization of ski center

EU special representative in Kosovo Pieter Feith says the Inex ski center on Mt. Brezovica in Štrpce will be privatized.

Source: B92

Štrpce residents, mostly Serbs, are against the privatization through the Kosovo institutions.

The Kosovo Agency for Privatization has postponed the sale of the hotel complex twice.

Feith said that the privatization would be done in agreement with the EU, Belgrade and Priština, "so that young people who are looking for jobs will have the most use out of it".

He was in Štrpce to try and convince local Serbs to participate in the second round of voting in the municipal elections on December 13. The voting is organized by Kosovo Albanian authorities.

However, the residents of Štrpce were more interested in the privatization of the tourist complex and ski resort.

“I see a bright future in Štrpce. The privatization will be done through consultations with the local residents. The privatization of the tourism complex will create new jobs, which is important for employment, especially for young people,” Feith said.

Serb residents do not agree with the quick privatization plans, and state that the resort belongs to the Belgrade-based company Inex.

“The privatization will be done in a transparent way, in cooperation between the EU, Belgrade and Priština, because regional cooperation is an important condition for the Union,” said Feith.

The Inex ski resort has three hotels, nine ski lifts, though since the war, the complex has been abandoned for the most part.

In order to prevent the privatization Serbia has formed group with limited responsibility Brezovica Ski Center – a joint company of Skijališta Srbije and holding company Fund Inex-Interexport in restructuring.

The contract for founding this company was signed a year and a half ago.

According to the plan of long-term investments, there will be EUR 40mn invested into Brezovica in the next three years for restoring the hotel, ski lifts and infrastructure.