SPO: Reconciliation with SPS unrealistic

It is unrealistic to expect the SPO to sign a declaration of reconciliation with the SPS, says the party.

Source: Beta

“The Serbian Renewal Movement (SPO) is ready to draw a line under the past, but we’re not ready to forgive or forget,” SPO deputy leader Srđan Srećković told Beta.

“It’s unreaIistic to expect us to sign this declaration, we suffered too many victims in the struggle for a democratic Serbia,” said Srećković, the only SPO minister in the government.

According to the SPO deputy leader, the government, which includes the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS), is an expression of reality, and the best possible solution after the May 11 elections, as the alternative would be an anti-European and retrograde government of the Serb Radical Party and the Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS).

“Seeing the Democratic Party as the backbone of the pro-European forces, the SPO, despite difficult moral dilemmas, put the interests of the state before party interests, and entered a government whose manifesto priority is EU entry, preservation of identity, and that has been the essence of our manifesto since the party was formed,” said Srećković.

He said that his task in the government was to promote the SPO’s political influence as much as possible, which meant an uncompromsing policy of European integration, while preserving national interests.

“What also sets our policy apart is that we support substantial decentralization, regionalization, and balanced economic development based on the principles of the liberal market economy,” said the SPO deputy leader.

“Everyone who wants to be on this path will have a since partner and ally in the SPO,” he stressed.


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