DS officials confident of 2nd round triumph

DS officials Božidar Đelić, Oliver Dulić and Vuk Jeremić believe that Boris Tadić will win the presidential run-off.

Source: Beta

The deputy prime minister and the parliamentary speaker told reporters at Democratic Party (DS) headquarters that they were happy with the result and that the 1.5 million votes Tadić had garnered were evidence that his ideas had ever more proponents.

“Tadić’s victory is certain, there’s only one condition – that those who want a progressive Serbia vote on February 3 and view that day as a referendum on the future of our country,“ said Đelić.

“Do we want to be part of Europe or isolated, do we want economic hardship or not, do we want to defend Kosovo by peaceful means and the democratic way or do we want tension,“ asked the DS official.

He added that he expected the support “of all those who want a European Serbia,“ including the DS’ coalition partners, as well as all those who defend such ideas, like Liberal Democratic Party leader Čedomir Jovanović and Hungarian coalition candidate Ištvan Pastor.

Jeremić: Second round – EU referendum

Foreign Minister and DS official Vuk Jeremić said last night that the second round of the presidential elections would be a “referendum“ on EU membership.

“The EU has made it clear that Serbian EU membership is open and that we have to decide. I hope that Serbia’s citizens take that decision on February 3,“ Jeremić told reporters at DS headquarters.

The foreign minister said that the difference between Tadić and Nikolić was “large“ as far as Kosovo and the EU were concerned, as well as on all other major issues.

In the first round, the two leading candidates were those with contrasting messages, and we can freely say that the second round will be a referendum on EU entry, said Jeremić.

Dulić: Tadić can gather democratic bloc

Oliver Dulić said that he was satisfied with the election results and that he expected Boris Tadić to come through in the second round.

Dulić told reporters at DS headquarters that the gap between the Tadić and Tomislav Nikolić had come about because “the democratic bloc went in different directions.“

“In the second round I expect the support of everyone who wants further economic growth, EU entry and stabilization of social opportunities,“ said the parliamentary speaker.

He added that he expected the support of Tadić’s coalition partners, as well as all those who were in favor of the EU, and those who did not want a return to the nineties.

“I think Tadić has the manifesto and capacity to gather all the democratic political options and win the second round convincingly,“ said Dulić.


Division in Serbia

Tadić now has a mandate to support vigorously his two-track approach of continuing both to advocate the Serbian position on Kosovo and to at the same time pursue integration with the European Union. One of the key questions is whether he will use this mandate fully and effectively.

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