6,652,105 citizens eligible to vote

6,652,105 voters will be eligible to take part in the January 21 parliamentary elections in Serbia.

Source: Beta

The State Election Commission (RIK) has announced that this figure includes 14,000 new voters, compared to the October 2006 referendum voter data.

The Commission has also announced that 31,370 expats will be able to cast their ballots abroad. 7,082 prison inmates are also eligible to vote.

The deadline for the submission of party electoral lists expired on January 5. The Commission has announced that the ballot will contain 20 lists.


Let's stop talking about a democratic block in Serbia

On the critical question of Kosovo, Prime Minister Kostunica will side far more with the Radicals and Socialists than the partners in his coalition. This is what the West needs to understand and why we all need to throw the term "Democratic Block" in the dustbin of history immediately.

Monday, May 21, 2007 16:40 Comments: 13