“Dudaković killed negotiators”

Zagreb daily Večernji List reports that Atif Dudaković ordered the killing of negotiators in the summer of 1995.

Source: FoNet

According to the video footage circulating in western Bosnia, Bosnian Army 5th Corps final sweep in the summer of 1995 will be of interest to the Hague. Namely, the tapes show that Fikret Abdić’s forces negotiators, prisoners and civilians were executed during the taking of the town of Pećingrad.

The footage shows negotiations between the 5th Corps and the Autonomous province of Western Bosnia representatives, lead by Atif Dudaković and Besim Muhamedagić. Dudaković and his inferiors asked Muhamedagić and his 600 men to lay down their weapons immediately and surrender. “All the wounded will be taken care of, the soldiers will suffer no consequences, there will be amnesty soon and everyone can go home”, Dudaković and his officers said, the daily reports the content of the video. UNPROFOR and their translator also attended the meeting.

After the talks were over, the negotiators lead by Mehmedagić moved some 300 meters away, when they were all killed by a missile. The footage then shows a large number of dead, including Mehmedagić’s lifeless body.

“By killing negotiators, Dudaković broke all the rules of war. There were even women among the dead”, western Bosnia and Velika Kladuša Camp prisoners’ association representatives told Večernji List. “Dudaković personally gave the order to fire at the negotiators”, they also said, adding they were in possession of further footage where his order to fire can be heard. The former camp prisoners are warning that abuse of civilians also took place, and the daily claims that video to show a 5th Corps member demanding money from a tortured prisoner, in front of a terrified child.


Politics before justice

Instead of legal facts, the reincarnation of past political ideas appeared in Bosnia-Herzegovina after a viewing of the Storm footage.

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Operation Storm timeline

Operation Storm started on August 4, at 4 a.m. The Croatian army and police took only four days to achieve total victory.

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