The world's in a trance re: Djokovic's 23rd GS; Jokic says "Enough", Novak won't stop

Novak Djokovic won Roland Garros, clinching a record-breaking 23rd Grand Slam title to become the most successful singles player in the history of men’s game.

Source: B92, D.P. / Z.K.
Foto: Profimedia
Foto: Profimedia

In the Roland Garros final, he defeated Casper Rudd 3:0 in sets and won his 3rd "Musketeers' Cup", thus becoming the first ever to win each of the Slams at least three times.

However, the 23rd Grand Slam title is much more significant as many consider him the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) because of that, but he didn't want to say that.

However, many others around the world did, even hard fans of his rivals among tennis players, including Nikola Jokić, who spoke before the 5th match of the NBA Finals and commented on Djokovic's great success in his own style.

Novak's first words after the match were a strong message to children around the world, while his coach Goran Ivanišević spoke again in an unusual and interesting way about his relationship with Djokovic.

In the end, Judy Murray, Andy Murray's mother, also spoke up, who paid tribute to the undisputed Serbian ace with a photo from Djokovic's childhood.

Interesting comment by Eugen Bouchard, "Roger's biggest fan".

''I’m the biggest Roger fan but we all have to admit Novak is the undisputed goat. Insanely impressive''.

Twitter: The GOAT discussion is over, enjoy the greatness of the best ever!

Foto: Profimedia/Mylene Deroche
Foto: Profimedia/Mylene Deroche

''The discussion is over!! Fedal fans can finally accept their destiny, enjoy the greatness of the best ever'', wrote one fan along with a photomontage showing Novak with a crown on his head, and Federer and Nadal kneeling around him.

Another added that this was inevitable.

''It was inevitable really. An emphatic performance from Djokovic, as he now leads the Grand Slam singles race for the first time in his career. Can’t help feeling that the gap is only going to get bigger from here''.

Jokic on Djokovic:

"What title this has been for him, for God's sake? Twenty-third, that's really a lot... It' enough... I'm joking. There are no words for him. A master of tennis and probably one of the best tennis players ever," said Jokić.

''Djoker is slowly ending the Tennis GOAT debate and entering the debate for the greatest athlete of all time with the likes of Messi, Jordan, Ali, Bolt etc !!!!!!!!!!!!!''


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