Novak: "This is the biggest victory of my life"

On Monday, Djokovic will begin his 374th week as World No.1 to extend another men's record, joining Nadal in holding 22 grand slam titles!

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Foto: Profimedia/:Peter Dovgan/SIPA
Foto: Profimedia/:Peter Dovgan/SIPA

"When I went into my box, I just think emotionally collapsed there and teared up with especially my mother and my brother when I gave them a hug, because up to that moment I was not allowing myself to, I guess, be distracted with things off the court or whatever was happening in dealing with an injury, things happening off the court, as well, that could easily have been a big disturbance to my focus and to my game," Djokovic said.

"It required an enormous mental energy really to stay present, to stay focused, to take things day by day, and really see how far I can go. Yeah, was a huge relief and release of the emotions in the end. Just difficult to find any additional words really. It's been a long journey, but very special one", Djokovic said on a press conference.

"I don't say 100 per cent, but 97 per cent of the players, on Saturday when you get results of the MRI, you go straight to the referee office and pull out of the tournament," said the 2001 Wimbledon winner, Goran Ivanisevic.

"But not him. He is from other space. His brain is working different. I'm with him four years, but it still a surprise sometimes how his brain work. He gave everything, 77 therapies a day. Every day was kind of better and better. I didn't expect this. I thought I saw everything in 2021 when he won here with the abdominal tear. This one was unbelievable", Ivanisevic concluded.

"In terms of the quality of the tennis, it's honestly some of the best tennis I've played on this court," said Djokovic.

"As good as I've played maybe in 2011 or 2015 or 2016 or those years where I really had some very strong, strong seasons and strong Australian Opens. I would rank it right up there. Maybe top two, three of all time of performances on Slams in general, particularly here", Novak said.

"At this stage of my career, these trophies are the biggest motivational factor of why I still compete," said Djokovic. "That's the case without a doubt. I don't know how many more years I'm going to play or how many more Slams I'm going to play," he later added.

"It depends on various things. It doesn't depend only on my body. I think it's extremely important for me to be, of course, first to have the support and love from the close ones, and ability to go and play and keep the balance with the private life, but at the same time have the mental clarity or – how should I say – aspirations to really strive to chase these trophies", Djokovic said.

"Physically I can keep myself fit. Of course, 35 is not 25, even though I want to believe it is. But I still feel there is time ahead of me. Let's see how far I go."

"This has been one of the most challenging tournaments I have played in my life," stated Djokovic. "What a journey it has been for my family, my team and myself.

"I try to pinch myself and really live through these moments. Only the team and the family knows what we have been through in the last four or five weeks."

It is certain that this jubilee, the tenth cup in Melbourne, will have a special place in his heart.

"This title is even more important because of what I experienced last year. I came this year with positive energy, I did not at all seek to have a conflict with anyone in any context. I left the events behind. I had many reasons to behave differently. I just don't see where it would take me. I feel that it is necessary to forgive, it is Christian to forgive. There is so little forgiveness today. I just want to remind people and see that in the world, that they understand more, accept, show more compassion, before they condemn. Not all media are inclined to investigative journalism. It's more about clickbait. Journalists publish news first, harming people. That's exactly what's happening, what happened with my father here, then what happened last year... So many lies, misinformation. Such an avalanche is created that you cannot react. The wisest thing is to let it go, let's move on. You focus on what is most important. Playing tournaments, proving yourself. On the other hand, I hope that I serve as an inspiration to young people. Tennis offers me a platform, I love sports. Here, I just need a little more of that kindness. It's very nice of Tsitsipas to tell me kind words on the pitch. We are the fiercest opponents, but there must be respect, understanding after the matches," Novak concluded.


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