Press conference: Vlahović and Kostić VIDEO

Serbian football players address the public two days before the decisive match against Switzerland.

Source: B92, S.S.
Foto: B92/SS
Foto: B92/SS

On Tuesday, Dušan Tadić and Sergej Milinković-Savić spoke at the press conference, and this time Dušan Vlahović and Filip Kostić appeared before the press.

Dragan Stojković's conference is scheduled for Thursday, and the key match against Switzerland is scheduled for Friday.

Vlahovic: "Since we qualified for the World Cup, I think that it is very important to the people. It feels like they believe in us, we started the World Cup with a loss and a draw, but we knew that against the Swiss it will be a decider. We live for this moment and we can't wait. Let's go to win, and against Switzerland we will go beyond the maximum - we promise that. If they are better, let them win, if not, we will. We will offer even more than we can".

Kostic: "The support of the fans means a lot to us, we are in contact with the families every day. It means a lot to me when I see people's support and I thank them. We have a demanding game against Switzerland, we know that they are good in defense. They are compact and well organized. I hope that we will correct it now everything that was not good in these two games and that now we will be the real us. That we will win and move on to the knock-out stage".


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