Criticism for Federer, Nadal and Murray: Why they keep silent about Novak?

Support for Novak Djokovic, regarding his performance at the US Open, is growing day by day.

Source: B92, Z.K.
Foto: Profimedia/Nedim Grabovica
Foto: Profimedia/Nedim Grabovica

Despite the fact that the American administration led by President Joseph Biden is ignoring numerous requests to lift the measures and allow unvaccinated people to enter the USA, the situation is not changing.

Numerous politicians and popular figures in the USA have expressed their support for Djokovic, and among them is Seth Dillon, the founder of the satirical portal "The Babylon Bee".

In recent days, he too joined the discussion on Twitter about Novak being allowed to enter the US.

At the beginning of the month he announced: "I will buy tickets if Novak Djokovic is in the draw. I won't even watch the US Open on TV if he's not there", Seth Dillon posted on Twitter.

Now he went a step further and criticized Novak's biggest rivals in his career, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray for not coming forward and helping him in this situation.

Responding to a message from a user and Novak supporter that they are adamantly silent even though they will be part of a joint Team Europe at the Laver Cup, Dillon said: "Are there any active tennis players urging the U.S. to let @DjokerNole play or nah?"

"Are they afraid of backlash? They have more influence than the rest of the tennis community combined. Shameful to not use it", Dillon concluded.

Meanwhile, Novak officially withdrew from the Masters in Montreal, followed by Rafael Nadal.


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