Sebic wins bronze medal!

Milenko Sebić made a great success at the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Source: B92
Foto: Profimedia
Foto: Profimedia

At the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Milenko Sebić won a bronze medal in the discipline men's 50-metre rifle.

Sebic shot a total of 448.2 rounds and came to the medal after a direct duel with Norwegian Jon Herman Heg, who shot 438 rounds.

The Olympic gold went to the young Chinese competitor Zhang Changhong with a world record score of 466 rounds, while the Russian Sergey Kamenskiy took the silver with 464.2 rounds.

In fifth place was Croatian Petar Gorša with scoring 427.2, while sixth was Miran Maričić with 416 rounds.

The two Croatian representatives were mostly the last until the final standing series, when the Belarusian Sherbacevic and the Ukrainian Kulish completely failed, and ended up eliminated, and the Croats went further.

Sherbacevic shot bad and reported a problem with his weapon, while the Ukrainian representative hit the wrong target and got 0 points in the last shot, so he was eliminated.

This is the second medal for Serbia in archery, and the fifth overall at the Olympic Games.



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