A sudden twist? Serbian water polo player called names in Spain

The lawyer of the Serbian water polo player Nemanja Ubovic, Ivana Herak, spoke.

Source: B92
FOTO: Profimedia
FOTO: Profimedia

Ubovic allegedly insulted his teammate from Sabadell, Victor Gutierrez, because of his sexual orientation – but new details are available now.

The player’s lawyer says that these claims are absolutely incorrect, and that in fact the Serbian water polo player was a victim.

Viktor Gutierrez, a water polo player for the Terrassa team, claimed that Nemanja Ubovic allegedly called him "maricon", which is a derogatory term for a homosexual in Spanish, with an intent to insult him personally. However, his allegations are absolutely incorrect, considering that Ubovic never intended to insult him on the basis of his sexual orientation. The misunderstanding happened during the match in the pool when Ubovic tried to refuse his inappropriate approach after repeated provocations, "stated Ivana Herak.

Allegedly, Ubovic was subject to insults on a national basis.

"After the final whistle, Gutierrez continued provoking Ubovic on a national basis, naming him as a 'shitty immigrant'. Nemanja Ubovic is an internationally recognized water polo player who has never had any misconduct case before. On the other hand, according to information available in Spain, Gutierrez makes a living from sensationalist posts through his social networks, whether they are true or absolutely out of context. He has a history of inflicting injuries on water polo players but no one reported him out of fear. "

Ubovic will not train or play until the case is resolved.


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