Kon replies to Djokovic: Maestro, avoid talking about vaccine

Epidemiologist Predrag Kon, a member of the Government of Serbia's expert team in the fight against coronavirus, responded to Novak's stance against vaccination

Source: B92
Foto: TANJUG / DRAGAN KUJUNDZIC / an - Pedja Milosavljevic / STARSPORT
Foto: TANJUG / DRAGAN KUJUNDZIC / an - Pedja Milosavljevic / STARSPORT

"As one of Djokovic's most loyal supporters, I wish I had had the opportunity to make him familiar to the significance and immense contribution of immunizations to the health of the population. It's late now, he's created misconceptions, so there's no more help here. Maestro, I wish you all the best, but you should avoid direct answers to the vaccination-related questions because you have a huge impact", Kon posted on his Facebook profile.

Djokovic expressed a negative stance on compulsory vaccination against COVID-19 as a prerequisite of playing tennis tournaments.

"I am personally against vaccination and I would not want anyone to force me to get the vaccine so I can travel. If that is the rule and the law in enforced, then what will it be? I have to decide whether or not to undergo it. I have my own stance, and whether it will change at some point, I do not know. Hypothetically, in order to continue the season in July, August or September, though not a great chance for that now, as I understand it, right after the abolition of the strict quarantine, there will be a requirement for a mandatory vaccine, which is not available yet", Djokovic said.

Potential refusal to take a vaccinate could greatly affect Djokovic's tennis career, because if vaccination is mandatory and he does not accept it, he will not be able to compete in tournaments.


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