Djordjevic: Jokic is in good shape, I talked to Bogdanovic

The Head Coach of the Serbian National Basketball team Aleksandar Djordjevic said that the game with Lithuania will serve as a chance to check our present shape

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Pedja Milosavljevic / STARSPORT
Pedja Milosavljevic / STARSPORT

"I don't know what to say except that the team is working in a good rhythm. Nikola Jokic joined the team and we continue to train hard. We prepare for tomorrow's game against Lithuania, which will be rather demanding in a physical sense, as the Lithuanians are known for years for a specific basketball style that brings good results. That is powerful game, physical duels. This is exactly what we need in order to get fully prepared for the efforts that await us on the World Championship", Djordjevic said on the media conference in Stark Arena.

After the match played with Finland, our coach had expressed a series of criticisms when it comes to defense, explaining how important it is that the team feels competitive rhythm as soon as possible.

"Those are things we tend to build as soon as possible. The preparations are so demanding that there is no "friendly" matches anymore. Those are all preparation games. Every national team wants to win, so do we. My motto is that every match ahead is the most important in the carrier", Djordjevic explained.

He was asked about the shape of the NBA players and whether it would be a setback for the team.

"They have trained on their own, and they are physically well shaped. I have talked to Bogdanovic, I don't want any excuses on the eve of the big competition. I believe that all those games that we are going to play will contribute to gaining good physical performance", Serbian coach said.

Djordjevic also talked about the way that Jokic was welcomed, as he joined the team yesterday, as well as how this Denver NBA star deals with the public pressure.

"I have spent a day with him and with assistant coach Antonic, so he is familiar with our overall plan. He looks good, he has trained well. He joined the team showing great enthusiasm. All were eager to see him, and he handles pressure well. After all, we are all under pressure, including me. I try to take the pressure off them, but we got used to it, as we have to deal with it if we want to win medals", Djordjevic concluded.

The game between Serbia and Lithuania is scheduled for Saturday, August 10, at 9.00 pm in the Stark Arena.


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