Horrible case in Zaječar: Parents beat two-year-old child to death VIDEO

A two-year-old child died in Zaječar, after being brought to the Health Center with injuries, Tanjug learns.

Source: Blic, Tanjug

The child was brought to the Health Center in Zaječar at around 4 p.m. on Tuesday, and died in the health center in that city.

The media reported that the parents were arrested on suspicion of beating their child to death.

In the meantime, the Ministry of Interior in Zaječar announced the arrest of M.N. (1998) from the vicinity of Vlasotince due to the suspicion that he had committed crime of domestic violence with a fatal outcome.

The police also arrested his common-law wife J. T. (2000) from the vicinity of Zaječar, due to the suspicion that she committed the criminal act of neglecting and abandoning a minor.

M.N. is suspected of having hit the two-year-old daughter of his common-law wife several times on the head and body in a rented apartment in Zaječar, seriously injuring her, and the child was transported to the Health Center in Zaječar, where she died.

It is suspected that the mother of the two-year-old girl knew that her common-law husband had beaten the girl in the previous period, but she did not report it to the police.

The suspects were detained for up to 48 hours and they will be brought to the competent prosecutor's office in Zaječar along with a criminal report, announced police department in Zaječar.

The higher public prosecutor's office in Zaječar and the police characterized the case as a murder.

Unofficially, it is known that the child was admitted to the hospital in serious condition with life-threatening injuries but died soon after.

An autopsy was immediately ordered.


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