Murder of Aleksandar Vučić and overthrowing Serbian government? Everything's revealed

Member of Veljko Belivuk's criminal group and defendant-collaborator Srdjan Lalić continued to answer the accused's questions before the Special Court yesterday

Source: Z. Uskokovic, Novosti
AP Photo/Darko Vojinovic
AP Photo/Darko Vojinovic

In the Special Court in Belgrade, yesterday the trial of the members of the organized criminal group continued with the interrogation of the defendant-collaborator Srdjan Lalić.

He said that Veljko Belivuk and Marko Miljković, as well as Radoje Zvicer and people from the security services, primarily part of the Montenegrin ANB service, planned to overthrow the government in Serbia, primarily to kill President Aleksandar Vučić, who, as he said, was the main target, reports "Novosti".

Answering the question of the sixth accused, Nebojsa Janković, if he knows the names of the people from the ruling structure who should have been overthrown, Lalić stated:

"It's the entire ruling structure, especially the president, who is marked as the main obstacle. I was clearly against it and tried to dissuade them from that idea," he said and added:

"I was saying that others didn't manage to do it either, and they had similar plans. Janković responded to that 'that the football fans are not capable of doing it themselves and taking over power'. They didn\'t do it alone, but this criminal group did, with the help of Dejan Lazarevic " answered Lalić, as reported by "Novosti".

Upon insisting that he give the names and surnames of the persons who were supposed to take over power, the defendant-collaborator said "anyone can take over, just let's get rid of this one" (referring to President Vučić)", and that he was not the one who determined that, neither Belivuk or Miljković.

"They can't even figure out who would come, but there is someone else who could figure it out".

Yesterday there was talk about how Radoje Zvicer prepared five million euros for the coup in Serbia, that is, the murder of the highest state official. For this purpose, a sniper was also acquired, which cost 12,000 euros.

"Where is that money?" asked Jankovic.

"Veljko and Marko said that Zvicer had prepared it and that he is willing to add additional amount if needs be," answered Lalić.

"They know where the money is."

Lalić again, prompted by the question of the sixth defendant, referred to the fact that riots were planned in the situation of the arrest of Miljković and Belivuk. Bomb attacks were planned in shopping centers, as well as car bombs.

"Who would do that?", asked Janković.

"Well, you, me and the Budimir brothers, as always, we were supposed to be in charge of that," Lalić responded.

"Why else did we need five kilos of directed fragmentation mine MRUD (anti-personnel mine) and other explosives we kept?", Lalic concluded.


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