The prosecution requested and got an extension of custody for Dijana Hrkalović

Former state secretary of the Ministry of the Interior, Dijana Hrkalović, suspected of trading in influence, was charged with detention for another 30 days.

Source: Tanjug
Foto:Printscreen/Youtube/MUP Srbije
Foto:Printscreen/Youtube/MUP Srbije

Hrkalovic was arrested last month, and her 30-day detention expires on Sunday.

She was initially remanded in custody due to the danger of influencing witnesses, and she faces between one and eight years in prison for the crime of trading in influence for which she is charged.

For this threatened punishment, the law envisages the implementation of the so-called abbreviated criminal procedure, in which detention may last for a maximum of 30 days with the possibility of extension for another 30 days, at the proposal of the prosecutor, and the court decides on the proposal.

This means that Hrkalović could be in custody for a maximum of 30 more days, if the prosecution does not file an indictment against her in that period, because in that case she would be released to defend herself by law.

Hrkalovic is charged with influencing the head of the department for special investigative methods, Dejan Milenkovic, not to submit in time some reports to the prosecution regarding the murder of Vlastimir Milosevic, known as "murder on rails", for which Veljko Belivuk was charged and later acquitted. Belivuk is now accused of the most brutal crimes as the leader of the criminal group "Principles".

These reports, according to her lawyers, have nothing to do with DNA analysis, as it appeared in some newspapers.

Hrkalović denied all allegations of the criminal report at the hearing in the prosecution. She is charged with the criminal offense of trading in influence, and Milenković with the criminal offense of abuse of official position.

Hrkalović was arrested on Friday, September 15, after the joint work of the Prosecutor's Office and the Internal Control Sector of the Ministry of the Interior, and she was ordered into custody the same night, while Milenković is released, pending trial.


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