Miroslav Mika Aleksić's custody lifted

Court of Appeals in Belgrade lifted the custody of the owner of the acting school, accused of raping and sexually harassing several students of that school.

Source: B92
FOTO: Milena Arsenic / 011info.com
FOTO: Milena Arsenic / 011info.com

The Court of Appeals imposed a measure of banning him from leaving the apartment with electronic surveillance (house arrest).

This decision accepted the defense's appeal and changed the decision of the High Court in Belgrade, which extended Aleksic's detention with a decision from August 26 due to the danger that he could repeat the crime in a short time, as well as public harassment.

Mirjana Piljić, a spokeswoman for the Court of Appeals, specified that the court concluded that the measure of detention was no longer the only possible measure to prevent the danger that in the event of Aleksić's release he would repeat the crime in a short time and that there would be public disturbance that would jeopardize procedure.

"In the opinion of the Court of Appeals, these dangers are of such intensity that they can be prevented by a measure prohibiting leaving the apartment with electronic surveillance," Piljic emphasized.

Aleksic has been in custody since his arrest on January 16.

A pre-trial hearing is scheduled for October 1.

In accordance with the law, this hearing will be closed to the public and he will briefly plead (not) guilty, after which it will be determined which evidence will be presented at the trial. The trial will be scheduled after the preparatory hearing and should be public, unless the participants in the proceedings request that the court exclude the public for privacy reasons.

Aleksic is charged with four counts of rape, two of which were of prolonged duration and five counts of sexual harassment, two of which were also qualified with prolonged duration. Actress Milena Radulović was the first to report him for sexual abuse, and soon Iva Ilinčić and other girls joined the accusations against him.


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