Director of Health Center about the arrested gynecologist: He's my high school friend

A gynecologist was arrested in Valjevo when a nurse accused him of illegal sexual acts in the course of medical check-ups.

Source: B92, Prva
Printskrin: TV Prva
Printskrin: TV Prva

At the motion of the public prosecutor, the pre-trial judge remanded Dr A.D. in custody for up to 30 days.

Dr Vanja Milošević, a gynecologist, said in an interview for TV Prva that there were similar cases of gynecologists being reported.

"There have been similar cases. I'm afraid this thing would have been just as bad if anyone else had done it. There's no excuse," he said, noting that people who wear uniforms, be they doctors, soldiers or priests, have a responsibility", he said.

"I think we don't see the forest from the trees. We don't see the more important things... You don't have to make a story out of this. Most health workers do their job honorably", he said.

The director of the Valjevo Health Center, Dr Branka Antić, explained what happened.

"The event happened on Monday, the employee reported it to me personally on Tuesday, when I called the chief, then the report followed," she stated.

She pointed out that she has known the doctor for a long time.

"I've known the doctor for 30 years, we've known each other since high school. There were no objections. I also know the person who reported this, but not for such a long period of time... I think we've gone a little too far in discussing this issue in the media. With us, everyone seems to be guilty until proven otherwise. We should not talk about a case like this, especially when it comes to health workers", she said, adding that we should let the prosecution do its job instead.


Custody ordered for the driver from Karaburma

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