Inspectors in shock when they entered the apartment of "S": Hundreds of photos

Criminal inspectors were appalled by what they found in the apartment of 65-year-old B.S. during the search, a former employee of the Petnica Research Station.

Source: Novosti
IS Petnica IS Petnica
IS Petnica IS Petnica

He was first marked as "S" in the media, and is accused of carrying out long-term sexual abuse of female students in this scientific institution.

According to Novosti, the inspectors found crowds, almost a hundred photographs of naked girls, often of explicit content, including many minors, in the apartment where he lives.

The paper further finds out that the expertise of the photographs and determining who is on them is forthcoming, so that the investigation can continue, that is, so that a case can be formed in the competent prosecutor's office.

The photographs of the participants, which he took in his office in Petnica, were then allegedly made by "S" in a photo shop in Valjevo.


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