"New arrests to follow: Zvicer interested in eliminating some people in the country"

Interior Minister Aleksandar Vulin says that there's a list of criminal groups in every city, there's a file for each one and that there will be new arrests.

Source: RTS
Printscreen: TV B92/Arhiva
Printscreen: TV B92/Arhiva

Vulin spoke in the RTS daily news about the fight against organized crime and said that there are no big and small drug dealers, just as there are no light and heavy drugs.

"Anyone we find with 10 grams of marijuana in possession will be arrested. We arrest those who sell about ten kilograms of heroin, but we also make arrests every day for every gram we find", Minister of the Interior pointed out.

He stated that there is a list of criminal groups in every city and that there is a file for each one.

"There will be new arrests when it comes to organized crime and high corruption," Vulin confirmed. The police investigation into the acts of Veljko Belivuk's criminal group has not become weaker. Vulin said that there were new details and that several places had been found on the territory of Belgrade where members of the clan were hiding, or depositing money.

He stated that something is found every day, which leads to new people, but the investigation is not over. "Prosecutor Nenadic is satisfied with the quality and quantity of evidence, but we will not stop," Vulin said.

Zvicer interested in eliminating some people in the country

Regarding media allegations that Radomir Zvicer, the alleged leader of the Kavac criminal gang, is hiding in South America, offering 10 million euros for vengeance in Serbia, Vulin points out that Zvicer is interested in eliminating some people in this country, more precisely President Aleksandar Vucic.

As for the case of wiretapping the president, the minister states that Vučić was systematically wiretapped and that it was proven, but that no criminal offense was found in any of the conversations. "It has been proven that the highest officials of the Ministry of the Interior knowingly and deliberately put certain persons on measures, with false explanations, presenting them as criminals, knowing that the president or one of his family members would talk to them if asked. None of the people who talked to the President Vučić, or some of his family members, is not even a suspect, let alone an accused, and especially not arrested", minister pointed out.

He states that full documentation was handed over to the competent prosecutor and that he expects further arrests.


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