Security services located Zvicer? Media: Police is "on his trail"

Regional security services led by members of Serbian Ministry of Interior and BIA, located the alleged leader of the "Kavac clan" Radoje Zvicer in South America

Source: Novosti
Foto: EPA-EFE/Orlando Barria
Foto: EPA-EFE/Orlando Barria

According to "Novosti", Zvicer allegedly often changes the locations where he lives in order to escape the authorities. As this paper finds out, the police "is practically on his trail".

Information is exchanged day and night through the national bureaus of Interpol, because our country has issued an international "red warrant" for this Kotor resident, and in the meantime, Montenegro has joined the search for him.

"He uses fake documents to move around Latin America, but he is also protected by drug bosses there," the source told "Novosti".

"According to the information we have, he has falsified documents from North Macedonia, Croatia and Ukraine. Regardless of the connections with the cocaine cartels, his arrest is a matter of days," Novosti interlocutor says. According to the operative information of the European police, Zvicer is one of the main suppliers of cocaine on the Old Continent. According to "Novosti", the smuggling chain, which he allegedly heads, is one of the most well-established and until recently, thanks to connections in certain police forces, the most protected.

The investigation that was launched in Serbia against the criminal group of Veljko Belivuk and Marko Miljković came to the knowledge that they are not only part of this smuggling chain, but that their leader is precisely this member of Kavac clan. Not only did they trade narcotics, but they also killed rivals on Zvicer's orders.

"Some of the most monstrous atrocities were committed on the direct orders of Radoje Zvicer," the interlocutor of that paper points out.

"In order to show loyalty to him, they organized and committed numerous assassinations in the region, but also throughout Europe. The way in which they removed the evidence in the house of death in Ritopek is especially monstrous," the interlocutor added.

Police recently found an arsenal of weapons in a cottage near Belgrade, as well as an industrial machine for grinding meat and bones. Expertise identified human biological traces in it. Tools were also found, as well as rubber suits and shoes, which members of the group used to get rid of the bodies of their victims, the paper claims.


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