Security Information Agency and police made arrests all night, raids underway VIDEO

In a joint operation of the Prosecutor's Office for Organized Crime, Ministry of the Interior and BIA, 16 people were arrested during the night.

Source: RTS, Tanjug
Foto: e-stok
Foto: e-stok

All arrested individuals are suspected of associating in order to commit crimes, kidnappings and aggravated murder, said this morning the prosecutor for organized crime, Mladen Nenadić. As he stated, searches and raids are underway at about 30 locations, RTS and Tanjug reported.

"After several months of joint work, the Prosecutor's Office for Organized Crime, several organizational units of the Ministry of the Interior and the Security Information Agency (BIA), during the night and today a joint operation was realized aimed at preserving the security of the Republic of Serbia and shedding light on the most serious crimes against life and body," Nenadic said.

He emphasized that the detained persons will be brought to the Prosecutor for Organized Crime with a criminal report after the expiration of the detention period due to the basic suspicion that they committed criminal acts of association for the purpose of committing criminal acts, kidnappings and aggravated murder.

The public will be informed about the details of the procedure in a timely manner, Nenadic said.

The media started publishing the list of those arrested.

"Blic" found out that among them were Veljko Belivuk, called Velja Nevolja, and Marko Miljković, who were recently detained and released at the airport in Belgrade. Allegedly, according to the statements of the Montenegrin services, their liquidation in Podgorica was also planned.

Belivuk and Miljković are charged with murder and the most serious crimes, while the arrest took place in their house.


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