A man was killed in New Belgrade, the whole area was blocked

A man was shot dead near the Delta City shopping center in New Belgrade this afternoon.

Source: B92

The ambulance went to the scene and stated the death, the ambulance was told to Tanjug.

Other details of the man's identity and age are not yet known.

A large number of police teams and forensic experts are on the ground, and an investigation is underway.

Police found a lifeless body in a garage in New Belgrade.

The murdered man is Bojan M. (34), and he used false documents in the name of Jordan B, the media report.

According to the media, he is a member of a criminal group close to the "Skaljari clan", and he is also connected with the recently killed in the garage of TC Ušće, Aleksandar Šarac, who was allegedly a member of an international group known as "Pink Panther".

The media state that he, together with Šarac, procured vehicles for liquidations and dealt with logistics in connection with the murders organized by Damir Hadžić and Lazar Vukičević.

Hadzic was killed in Corfu on July 23, along with Alan Kozar.