Resumption of the preliminary hearing for "Jovanjica" today

The preliminary hearing in the process against the majority owner of the agricultural property "Jovanjica" to be resumed today in the Special Court in Belgrade.

Source: Tanjug

Predrag Koluvija and nine others are accused of producing marijuana on the property in an organized manner for further sale.

This hearing, which is closed to the public by law, began at the end of July, and should take place today, and on Thursday and Friday.

At the beginning of the hearing, the Prosecutor's Office for Organized Crime read an extensive indictment and presented its evidence, and the accused denied the criminal acts.

After that, the defense counsel for Koluvija spoke about the evidentiary motions, and at the upcoming hearings, the defense counsel for the other accused will also present their motions.

After the end of this preliminary hearing, the court will schedule the beginning of the main trial, which will be public, and at which the accused will be able to present their defenses in detail.

In addition to Koluvija, Sergej Mrdja, Vladan Zivojinovic, Branislav Miljevic, Zdravko Milosevic, Stevan Holic, Vule Bojovic, Petar Zivanovic, Petar Hricaj and Boban Jovanovic are also accused.

Koluvija and the other accused, except for one who is on the run, are in custody, and at the beginning of July, seven more suspects were arrested for being members of this group, including five officers of the Ministry of Interior and State Security Agency (BIA).

An investigation against them is underway.

A total of two suspects are still at large.

After the arrest in November, it was announced that the police entered the agricultural estate "Jovanjica" near Stara Pazova on the order of the prosecution and found an illegal laboratory for the production of marijuana in artificial conditions.

At that time, 649.4 kilograms of dried marijuana and 65.581 stalks of this narcotic drug were seized in their raw state, weighing almost four tons.