Arrests and searches in Serbia, FBI involved

Apartments were searched at 16 locations in Serbia, while 11 people were arrested.

Source: Tanjug
Foto: Depositphotos/stevanovicigor
Foto: Depositphotos/stevanovicigor

The action was carried out in cooperation with the competent judicial authorities of Serbia and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Citizens of Serbia, Montenegro, Australia and the Philippines were arrested.

All those arrested have been detained, after which they will be questioned in the procedure of international legal assistance that Serbia provides to the competent judicial bodies of the United States of America, the Prosecutor's Office for Organized Crime announced.

It is suspected that the arrested, as an organized criminal group from 2011 until today, participated in the creation, promotion and organization of at least 16 fake investment platforms using the Internet and online websites, thus obtaining illegal property gain of over 70 million dollars.

The group has found investors around the world, including those in the North District of Texas, who have invested in fake investment platforms for binary options where members of the group have created fake trade transactions, fake withdrawal certificates and fake money transfer certificates, according to prosecution.

Members of the organized criminal group agreed to invest, using false identities and using fake titles, by email or videoconferencing to transfer their "investments" to international bank accounts linked to the group's organizer.

After that, the group, on the order of the organizers, closed these fake investment platforms and after some time reopened new ones with the same already developed method of operation.

In this way, there is a well-founded suspicion that the organizer and members of this group obtained illegal property gain in the amount of over 70 million dollars.