B92 breaking news: General Manager of "Direct Media" and two RTS employees arrested

According to B92.net findings, members of the Ministry of Interior arrested General Manager of "Direct Media", along with two RTS marketing agents due to fraud

Source: B92
Mario Tama/Staff/Getty images/ Ilustracija
Mario Tama/Staff/Getty images/ Ilustracija

They were arrested on the order of the Organized Crime Prosecutor's Office.

According to our findings from the police, police officers of Belgrade Police Department of the Criminal Police Directorate of the First Division in cooperation with the Prosecutor's Office for Organized Crime imprisoned M.DJ.J. (born 1958), director of the RTS marketing department, M.K. (born 1964), chief of the RTS marketing department and J.S. (born 1972), Director of the business company “Direct Media”.

They were detained on suspicion of abusing the position of responsible person (referred to in Article 227, paragraph 3 in relation to paragraph 1, all in relation to Articles 33 and 35 of the Criminal Code).

Just as a reminder, more than a month ago, a comprehensive investigation was announced in the media for the misuse of RTS and "Direct Media" in the advertising field, causing damage to the state budget of the Republic of Serbia.

"Direct media" was owned by Dragan Djilas, until he sold it back in 2013. After Stefanovic's statement on the ongoing investigation, Djilas himself showed reporters a letter from General Director of RTS Dragan Bujosevic regarding a statement Bujosevic had given on February 18, on the request of the Department for fighting economic crime, stating that he could not comment on the allegations of damage caused to RTS on the basis of a contract with "Direct Media" company regarding broadcasting of the Champions League and the series "My cousin from the countryside" and "Invincible heart".

Djilas also said in that statement that Bujosevic stated that he had asked RTS marketing and other RTS services to comment on these issues, and that they believed that RTS had not suffered any damage by contract with "Direct Media".


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