The mother who left her newborn baby in the dumpster arrested

Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic said that Ministry of Internal Affairs had found and arrested the mother who abandoned her newborn baby in the dumpster in Zarkovo

Source: Tanjug
Ilustracija: Deposit photos/91viperagp
Ilustracija: Deposit photos/91viperagp

He said to the press that the woman is under police custody (up to 48 hours), while it is expected that she will be charged for a serious crime, for which the prosecution will request detention.

"I cannot describe what I felt when I found a baby in the dumpster. Luckily, the child was alive, supervised closely by the medical team, recovering quite well under the circumstances", Stefanovic said.

He added that he regrets people's carelessness as some people are fighting hard to get children, they are willing to apply for adoption, while others behave in such reckless way, by making such foolish and monstrous move.

"It is beyond my comprehension as a parent that someone decides to give up on his child", Stefanović added.

He expressed satisfaction that the child is alive and well.

"We do not rejoice in criminal sanctions, but they are necessary to show that something like this cannot happen", the minister underlined. There are lots of relevant institutions state wide that can offer any kind of assistance, so there is no reason to do any harm to yourself or others. "I want to commend everyone who reacted in the blink of an eye for the child to be taken care of," Stefanovic concluded.

Daily "Blic" writes that a 33-year-old female G.M. has been arrested, while Tanjug reports that she has been arrested under the Higher Public Prosecutor's order. Spokesperson of the Prosecution Irena Bjelos said that the mother will be interviewed in the prosecutor's office, being charged with the serious crime of attempted infant murder (Article 114, Paragraph 9).

As Serbian Interior Ministry reports, the mother gave birth to a baby in the early morning hours in her apartment, without medical supervision, afterwards put the infant in the bag, leaving the baby in a dumpster near her apartment on Cukarica. According to daily "Blic", she admitted the crime after lengthy interrogation.


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