Delta Holding owner guilty of tax evasion, sentenced to jail

The Special Court in Belgrade on Friday found guilty the owner of Delta Holding, Miroslav Miskovic, and his son Marko Miskovic, on charges of tax evasion.

Source: Tanjug

The court sentenced Miroslav Miskovic to two and a half years in prison and a fine of RSD 8 million (approx. Eur 67,800 ).

He was found guilty of aiding his son in evading paying taxes on capital gains deductions, concerning the business of road maintenance companies, in the amount of RSD 320.3 million (approx. EUR 2.7 million).

Marko Miskovic was sentenced to one year under house-arrest and a fine of RSD 8 million.

N1 broadcaster is reporting that the owner of the Nibens Corporation, Milo Djuraskovic, has also been found guilty.

His company Mera Invest D.O.O. has to pay RSD 320 million (approx. EUR 2.7 million) to the state budget of Serbia to its settle unpaid tax liabilities.

Six years after the beginning of the trial, the decision was made by a majority vote of the panel of judges.

Djuraskovic and Miskovic were today also given their passports back.

The other indictees in the case received sentences ranging from eight months to three years in prison.

The Court of Appeals previously accepted the acquittal of those indicted in the first-instance verdict on charges of wrongdoings regarding roadside companies, with the goal of extract unlawful financial benefits, which was the central part of the indictment, and ordered a retrial for that part concerning tax evasion.

Those convicted today have 30 days to appeal before the Appellate Court.

Miroslav Miskovic was arrested at the end of 2012, spent seven months in detention, and then paid the biggest ever bail in Serbia, amounting to EUR 12 million, as a guarantee that he would attend the trials. Unlike his son and Djuraskovic, Miroslav Miskovic was not in the courtroom today as the sentences were being pronounced.

At the time of his arrest and bail, a large part of the property of the accused was also blocked, but Delta Holding continued to do its business without any problems.


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